Robyn Warhol

An internationally-recognized theorist of narrative who has shared her expertise across the U.S. as well as in China, Germany, Belgium, and Great Britain. She analyzes the ways stories are constructed and received in popular culture and in literature. Her special interests include the differences gender can make in the ways people tell, read, and use stories to make things happen in the world.

Narrative Theory

In collaboration with Dr. Rita Charon, Director of the Program in Narrative Medicine at Columbia University Medical School, Robyn has trained medical students at Case Western Reserve University in better ways of listening to the stories patients tell. The structure of a story can give a physician as much information as the details of its content

Having A Good Cry

For Having a Good Cry, Robyn researched how TV soap operas, novels, advertisements, and movies work to make audiences cry, as well as the reasons why fans of the “weepy” genre keep going back for more. The book makes a case for the positive value of people’s bonding over the good cry.

Feminisms Redux

Robyn’s most influential books have been Feminisms and Feminisms Redux, co-edited with Professor Diane Price Herndl. Widely used in college and university classes on women’s writing and literary theory, the first and second editions of Feminisms helped establish the “must-read” list for feminist literary criticism. The library journal Choice praises Feminisms Redux for being “even more accessible to readers outside the academy than earlier editions.”