Marketing Communications


Targeting print, web, and broadcast audiences who need to hear the message.
Crafting media plans that balance targeted reach and effective frequency.
Producing communications that engage, enlighten, educate, and entertain.

Strategic Planning

Translating the client’s vision into a practical marketing plan.
Suggesting strategies for achieving breadth and range of communications.
Formulating campaign strategies for diverse audiences.

Market Research and Analysis

Determining benchmarks for current markets and setting them for new campaigns.
Designing, implementing, and analyzing surveys.
Coordinating, moderating, and studying focus groups.
Producing demographic studies, analyses of competition, and program evaluations.
Preparing research reports.

Web Sites & Social Media

Using state-of-the-art techniques to create user-friendly websites and multimedia presentations.
Establishing a vivid social media presence and circulating updated information.
Building attractive, interesting websites and CD-ROMs.
Achieving global exposure for clients through negotiation with search-engine firms.


Creating materials that convey a clear message and leave a lasting positive impression.
Designing logos, branding and graphics that present the message in arresting ways.
Customizing appropriate styles of design for different audiences.

Writing & Editing

Refining clients’ verbal messages, ensuring maximum clarity and appeal.
Attending to the attitudes, beliefs, and values of diverse audiences in crafting written communications.
Eliminating wordiness to highlight the point.

Broadcast Development & Production

Creating commercial and informational spots for both radio and television.
Writing, casting, directing, and distributing commercials and public service announcements.
Repurposing broadcast materials for varied uses.

Outreach & Public Relations

Presenting the client’s story to key media contacts.
Organizing community events and establishing a presence at public gatherings.
Coordinating media events and media plans.
Building press kits, distribution plans, and advertising schedules.

Account Coordination / Project Management

Facilitating communication between the client who has the vision and the staff who will make the vision a reality.
Managing creative processes while keeping projects on schedule and within budget.
Handling details and liabilities of printing, production, and distribution.
Taking care of packaging, assembly, and postal requirements for mailings.