Healthcare Policy and Reform

Government Relations

Evaluating clients’ needs and identifying policy development areas crucial to achieving goals.
Devising strategy and composing language (whether rule or statute) to transform problems into solutions for clients.
Lobbying executive and legislative branches of state government to advocate for policy changes in statute or rule.
Identifying the right people – those who have the authority – and empowering them to effect needed changes.


Legal Advising

Close-reading of laws and policies pertinent to every case; coming fully prepared to address legal detail in specific areas.
Offering resource identification, juridical analysis, and implementation strategies.
Constructing methods for systems development adherent to and compliant with legal strictures.
Overseeing the drafting of rules and statutes in collaboration with area experts.


Health Information Exchange

Designing health information exchange systems in collaboration with clients and constituents.
Ensuring that health information exchange is compliant with HEPA privacy laws.
Determining that health information exchange processes are highly efficient.


Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement

Analyzing the as-is environment before envisioning the to-be environment and mapping the way to get there.
Contributing to analysis of current performance, establishing baseline metrics for evaluation, and providing recommendations for quality assurance.
Helping establish quality measures and performance improvement as recommended by the Code of Federal Regulations, setting specific goals, plans for how to attain them, and procedures for measuring improvement over time.
Giving people the ability to make change from within and sustain it over time, while coming back at intervals to support their effort.


Care Models and Care Management

Assisting clients as they chart the path toward greater patient satisfaction, better health outcomes, and reduced costs per capita in the system.
Integrating more efficient payment models with more effective patient care.
Promoting consumer-directed care – with patients taking increased responsibility for health outcomes – within the lowest-cost structure possible.
Envisioning patient-centered care with multidisciplinary providers working together on each case.
Working to aggregate hands-on health care providers (including naturopaths, nurse-practitioners, chiropractors, pharmacists and other professionals) in order to deliver the best patient adherence and the lowest-cost, most effective health outcomes.


Long-Term Patient Services and Supports

Providing analysis of clinical, financial, and legal aspects of long-term care system.
Offering expertise in end-of-life ethics and statutes.


Culture Change

Proceeding from the belief that kindness is at the heart of all effectual change.
Combining high intellect with deep compassion to inspire people to change their own lives and to believe in the change you are advocating.
Listening carefully to what people are saying about present systems, and starting with the “as is” – whether corporate, institutional, governmental, or personal – on the way to bringing about change.
Asking why existing procedures are in place, acknowledging how long something has been done in a certain way, and honoring past practices before making suggestions to help people effect change