How We Do It

Our experienced, yet flexible team can adapt and respond quickly. To respond to extreme circumstances in the economy, PDI has continued to evolve. Yet for 26 years, working with a variety of talented artists, writers, the work from Principal Peter Kriff’s business entity has remained consistent. Top quality visual presentation coupled with smart, crisp, target messaging. Using innovative personnel management practices (borrowed from Peter Kriff’s performance background) plus a constant eye towards tight budget control, PDI has kept a sharp edge and we continue to improve our team presentation.
And, we have improvised to create innovative solutions to leverage tight budgets and connect existing resources in more productive ways. Bottom line: The efficiency of our work, the assembly of talent, the innovative team structure, our responsiveness and accessibility plus our reasonable fees give our clients the biggest bang for the buck.
Understanding the mission, being a team player. We understand that available budgets have waxed and waned, but our collaborative work with assigned staff has yielded excellent results regardless of fiscal circumstances. An awareness of multi-lay­ered approval processes and decisions by committee has armed PDI with the patience and resolve to be a team partner with our clients, and to achieve their goals through creative use of available resources. We also understand that, given the breadth of relationships we’ve established over the years with many types of business entities, we are in a unique position to be carrying your message between public and private groups. This is a role in which we can specialize, representing your interests to populations that are both vulnerable and hard to reach.



Since the recession of 2008, the economy in the US has had less money available in general. Partnerships are a way to maximize available resources. Whether it be partnerships between companies in the private sector to co-market a product or a partnership between a government entity and a private company, PDI has a history or arranging collaborations that achieve market goals. Healthcare reform requires that all manner of business entities must try and reach the triple aim of lower costs, better outcomes and better experiences. To achieve that aim companies and institutions must engage in forging partnerships that make their services more efficient and therefore cost less. PDI Creative Consulting uses innovative partnerships to offer a robust selection of premium services to our clients, while maintaining reasonable costs. In turn, we offer the same partnership-creation services for our clients, helping them to achieve the triple aim.